Rostislav Pavlov

Surgical Oncologist

Over 500 successful surgeries every year

Resident of The Graduate School of Oncology
Winner of Forbes 30 under 30 in the category Science and Technology

Alumnus of Skolkovo
Co-founder of unique medical projects
Deputy Medical Director
Alumnus of Harvard University
Opinion leader Ethicon, Karl Storz, Stryker
Patient health comes first

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Department: oncology, surgery, healthcare organization

Deputy Medical Director - Clinic of High Medical Technologies them. N.I. Pirogova St. Petersburg State University

Graduate of High Onkology School — 2016

Founder Communication Skills Training, & Leadership

Ambassador of «ProDoctorov»
Conferences, trainings and seminars every year
Patient evaluation on
Consultations every year
Donetsk National
Medical University named after M. Gorky (Medicine)


Basic education
Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (Oncology)
Academy of Medical Academy of Medical Education, Moscow
Academy of Medical Education, Moscow Education Academy, Moscow (Public Health Organisation and public health)
Academy of Medical Education, Moscow
(Organisation of the work of the Operative unit and CSC)
HARVARD UNIVERSITY, Surgical leadership programme 2021-2022
ANO DPO SNTA, Pedagogy of Higher Education
N.N. Petrov Scientific Research Institute of Oncology (Oncology)
SKOLKOVO Diploma Programme
"Management in Healthcare.
Leaders of Change"
Stryker Education. Introduction to Fluorescence Imaging Training Program

Advanced training

SKOLKOVO Business School Diploma Programme, Leaders of Change in Healthcare
Expert Practice in Pancreatic
Cancer, Prague
Esmo Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer, Lugano, Switzerland
Advance course of treatment Pancreatic cancer Vienna, Austriа
INVASIVE SURGERY, Moscow, Russian Federation
2nd EDS Surgical Skills Course,
Kaunas, Lithuania
ESMO Preceptorship on Colorectal cancer Valencia, Spain
Academy of Medical Education, Surgery, "Operating theatre and CSC"
11th EDS Postgraduate Course Budapest, Hungary
Eurasia Course on Gastrointestinal Malignancies, Moscow, Russian Federation
25th UEG Week Barselona, Spain. Advance course of Laparoscopic colorectal surgery
ESMO Preceptorship on Prostate cancer Lugano, Switzerland
ESMO Preceptorship on Prostate cancer Singapore, Singapore

Professional awards

1-st place 6th International Scientific Interdisciplinary Conference for medical students and young scientists. Section: Surgery 2013, Kharkiv, Ukraine
1st Degree Diploma: Conference of Young Scientists "Actual Questions of Treatment and Diagnostics of Malignant Tumors". Kiev, Ukraine
The best scientific report at the international
the scientific-practical seminar devoted to the Day of the fight against cancer. Kiev, Ukraine
3rd place: Competition of Young Scientists, Congress of the Association of Young Oncologists, the Second International Forum of Oncology and Radiology
1st place in the rating of oncologists in Moscow according to patients, PRODOCTOROV Award
European digestive surgery (EDS)


European society of medical oncology (ESMO)
International Association
for Communication in Healthcare
Skolkovo alumni
Harvard alumni
American society of clinical oncology (ASCO)

Scientific publications

Ischenko, R.V. Surgical treatment of esophagogastric junction cancer. Discussion of tactics / R.V. Ischenko, R.V. Pavlov, O.A. Kuznetsova // Clinical Practice.
Roman V. Ishchenko, Igor E. Sedakov, Aleksandr N. Zaika, Rostislav V. Pavlov. (2021). Prediction of Long-Term Gastrectomy Outcomes in Gastric Cancer. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology
Prevention of High Glucose-Mediated EMT by Inhibition of Hsp70 Chaperone / A. D. Nikotina, S. A. Vladimirova, E. Y. Komarova , D. Alexeev, S. Efremov, E. Leonova, R.P. Pavlov , V. G. Kartsev, S. G. Polonik, B. A. Margulis, I. V. Guzhova.


Unique medical programms


Professional expertise


Certificates & diplomas


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Patient stories

in 2020
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+7-927- 06XXX
05.06.2022 22:15 +2.0 Excellent Pyrogov Clinic at Fontanka 154 (St.Petersburg State University) - Fontanka Embankment, 154
First feedback from 21.07.21:
My husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer. This is terrible. If I may say so. Thanks to our endoscopist Bella who knew Rostislav Vladimirovich, she gave his coordinates. I will be grateful all my life that God sent us that doctor. Thank you very much for your golden hands. For your kind and attentive ❤ I recommend him to all sick people. I will recommend only such a wonderful doctor as Rostislav Vladimirovich to all sick people. I wish you great health, as you once again give life to people. I wish you to stay as bright, sensitive and attentive. Thank you very much and I will pray for you the rest of my life. God keep you safe from all bad things.

Addendum dated 05.06.22:
I appeal to everyone who reads the reviews and is looking for the best doctor. Rostislav Vladimirovich is the one for you! My husband [...] was diagnosed with sigmoid colon cancer stage 3 in 2021. We were operated Rostislav Vladimirovich. We were discharged on the 4th day. I think many people can see at once what kind of professionalism such a person possesses! Unfortunately, a year later, the cancer again made itself felt, metastasis in the liver. We didn't think for a minute about who would operate on us this time. No one could tell us whether we were going to have an abdominal or laparoscopic operation. We were told that it would be known only during the operation. But I knew that my husband is in the golden hands of a professional. And even if we had to have an abdominal operation, I was sure that everything would be fine. Luckily a laparoscopic surgery was done by the hands of a miracle doctor on 25.05. It has been 10 days since then. My husband said that the second surgery was easier, although he had a fever of 39 degrees. Rostislav Vladimirovich was able to calm down, thanks to him, we calmly waited for the body to recover from such an injury. Rostislav, thank you infinitely for your work! I am happy we have such doctors from God, who are not only a professional in their field, but also a great soul like you. Many thanks to you and your entire team. I wish you prosperity and all the earthly blessings.
T2 Mobile
+7-953- 03XXXXX
02.06.2022 21:39+2.0 Excellent Pyrohiv Clinic at Fontanka 154 - Fontanka Embankment, 154
I wish I had more doctors like this. After a year of unsuccessful attempts to diagnose my disease by other doctors I turned to Rostislav Vladimirovich. I came to Peter, was examined by him. He diagnosed me quickly and accurately.
+7-921- 10XXXXX
23.05.2022 19:55 +2.0 Excellent Pyrohiv Clinic at Fontanka 154 (St Petersburg University) - 154 Fontanka Embankment
Attentive, knowledgeable and sensitive attitude towards patients. Kindness, positivity and a smile on their faces.

No disadvantages.

My husband was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. It is horror, fear, fear for the native man. And we were advised to go to Rostislav Vladimirovich by the wonderful oncologist Dmitry Yermakov. From the first meeting with a personal conversation with Rostislav, we feel better, so positive and competent doctor! We would like to thank you and your medical team for your hard work, professionalism, and most importantly, for the humanity to the patients. You are a man-man! You are a doctor with a capital letter, a specialist from God! We wish you and your entire team prosperity and further success. You are the hope and belief of many people. A big bow to you! [...] and his family, Kaliningrad.

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